Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one it is so important to make it as snug and easy on the planet as you can. A new build really does not need any heating if properly designed and this can save a lot of money each year as well as the benefits to the environment

Wedmore has a good clutch of eco new-builds such as the straw-bale constructed Daisy Farm and older houses which have been retrofitted to help lower fuel bills. Pretty much all the current technologies are being used from PV panels aplenty to log and wood chip boilers, sheeps wool insulation and clever use passive solar.

If you need some advice on anything relating to environmental kit then please drop the group an email or come to one of our meetings.  

Daisy Farm Eco Build

We took well over a year to find a suitable plot. During that time we joined a co-housing community to pool our resources and buy a larger property to share. The group did eventually buy a farm in Cornwall, but due to its being in an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) we were told we would not get permission to build a new house, even if it was sustainable. So we pulled out of the group and carried on searching. We were outbid on a 5 acre plot in Cornwall, even though we went way over our budget. Eventually we found this ½ acre plot at Daisy Farm and offered the asking price, despite it being 2½ times our budget.

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