Green Wedmore knows that to reach net-zero we have to preserve the carbon safely locked up in our peat, soils, woodlands and pasture and look to absorb more through peat restoration, tree planting and improving soils condition. Our precious nature is vital as well; when our soil is in good condition it not only keeps the carbon safe it is also full of life and helps bigger critters such as pollinators, birds, hedgehogs and more.

But for many decades nature has declined in the UK, Somerset and Wedmore. Our country is now the most nature depleted country in the world.

We simply cannot fix climate without a restored natural world whether that means keeping Somerset's peat wet and in the ground, or planting the right tree in the right place to soak up and store that precious carbon.
Green Wedmore’s Carbon and Nature group has two aims;

  • Aim 1: To measure the carbon sequestration amount for the parish of Wedmore and work towards increasing it to help achieve our Net-Zero targets.

  • Aim 2: To restore nature in the parish.



Community Woodlands

We are working to create a series of small community woodlands around the village. In the winter of 2007-08 we planted our first wood just east of Wedmore. It’s named Terry’s Community Wood in memory of Terry Ager who owned the field with Susanne and always wanted to plant a woodland there. In March 2011 we planted our second, Gooseham Community Orchard which adjoins the first wood.

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Worthington Woods

December saw the exciting plans for our new woodland, Worthington Woods come to fruition!
We had an excellent plant-up day, it was not exactly what we had originally planned (which was to
invite the whole village to come along, plant a tree and have a cup of tea and piece of cake!) because
of Covid-19, sadly, so we had to limit numbers.

Find out more about this project below.

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Wedmore Community Mapping

Green Wedmore, in collaboration with Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC) is working to record the fantastic flora and fauna in our local area. 

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Wild for Wildlife in Wedmore!

​We are thrilled to introduce you to Green Wedmore's latest project, Wild for Wildlife in Wedmore (WWW)!

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