Welcome to Green Wedmore

We are an umbrella organisation to co-ordinate, explore and encourage sustainable living as it could apply in practical terms to Wedmore and the surrounding villages.

With man-made climate change now a virtual certainty as well as the un-sustainable extraction of raw materials and water this community has three broad choices,

1. Rely on central and local government to legislate mankind and this planet out of trouble.

2. Ignore all the scientists and evidence and continue to overuse energy, refuse to recycle, fly at a whim to the closest destinations and eat strawberries from Egypt in January.

3. Work together as a community to find ways to reduce our environmental impact.

We like option three; if you’d like to find out more have a look around our website.

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Ash Dieback and Wedmore

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Wedmore Election Hustings 12-1.30

St Mary's Church and Green Wedmore have got together to put on another hustings event for this General Election following the highly successful one in 2015.
James Heappey (Conservative), Tessa Munt (Liberal Democrat), Andy Merryfield (Labour) and Lorna Corke (Christian People's Alliance) will be waiting to take everybody’s questions.
We are asking everyone to please write them neatly in advance and hand them in when you enter the church. This way we can ensure a good spread of topics can be discussed. Please keep the questions short so plenty of people can take part.