The wellbeing group seeks to look at various things all connected to mental health and our general happiness.

Wellbeing can be looked at from various angles, a simple list is noted below of some of the things this group seeks to cover:
(You will notice there is a great deal of over lap in the sub groups)


  • Keeping our homes nice and warm so they are comfortable

  • Picking up litter keeping our roads clean

  • Visiting our local community woodlands – promoting mindfulness

  • Having events at the new woodland

  • Running the lovely café at Repair Café events

  • Keeping our website up to date

  • Promoting new members to join our group

  • We launched a new project this year at Worthington Woods

  • Assisting with POP-UP Food Bank Collections within the parish

Helpful Wellbeing links:

Worthington Woods

December saw the exciting plans for our new woodland, Worthington Woods come to fruition!
We had an excellent plant-up day, it was not exactly what we had originally planned (which was to
invite the whole village to come along, plant a tree and have a cup of tea and piece of cake!) because
of Covid-19, sadly, so we had to limit numbers.

Find out more about this project below.

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