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Wedmore Community Mapping

Green Wedmore, in collaboration with Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC) is working to record the fantastic flora and fauna in our local area. 

Wedmore Community Mapping - Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC)

Let’s record our nature data so we can show our natural environment bouncing back in Wedmore.
Green Wedmore, collaborating with SERC, has launched the Wedmore Community Mapping scheme so everyone with a smart phone can learn and record all the amazing plants and animals we have in the parish.

More information is on the SERC website here; .

To take part you just need to register for iNaturalist on your computer here;  before downloading the iNaturalist and Seek apps on your phone (more info on those phone apps can be found here

Steve Mewes did a great presentation about this at our March Green Wedmore Meeting, 
here is the presentation he gave.