Lockdown Projects

Despite the doom and gloom of Covid-19, we have still managed to achieve things over the
lockdown, like the creation of the new woodland, other things, including meeting monthly on Zoom,
launching our 6th tree project which was buying and giving away 1,000 oak trees, working on things
like hedgehog strategies, Zero Carbon Wedmore, Carbon and sequestration, transport, energy,
housing and food solutions that help us to achieve our ambitious zero carbon target by 2030!

We have held several doorstep free-cycle events, which have been extremely popular, we hope to
recommence this scheme again in May, it seems such a good way to get rid of our unwanted items!
Our Climate Summit, sadly, we had to cancel because of the virus, which was very disappointing as
we had all the speakers booked and we had started to advertise the event. We hope to return our
attention back to this when we can.