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Green Wedmore New Year update

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We have been busy over the last few months at Green Wedmore. Check out our Campaigns page to see some of most recent projects. 

As with many groups, and charities, because of not being able to run very many community events
this year, Green Wedmore is in need of a boost of funds!

We have sadly missed out on our usual income streams e.g. our monthly donation tin some of you,
who come to meetings, contribute to. We have had no takings and donations from our repair café’s,
Street Fayre, etc. as everything has been cancelled, and yet we still have bills to pay, e.g. hosting fees
for our website and maintenance costs on Terry’s woodland. 
Since the plant up day, at Worthington Woods we have had kind donations to buy timber to make
benches and the church has also donated a bench that they no longer required.
To further support our income, I’m inviting you to a no obligation fund raiser, this has 2 functions, to
help with Green Wedmore funds and to share on a 50/50 basis with the Food Forest Project – who
throughout the year have given to us freely as a village to set up and provide everything our food
forest site.  How lovely it would be to leave them in a position to help others on their next project –
and say a big thank you from ‘Wedmore’!
One of the projects the FFP are working on now, seeks to work with an area suffering with social
deprivation, poverty and mental health issues, and a further project in the pipeline is to work directly with MIND, where they are offering their second Shepton Mallet forest site as a special place
for therapy (they have recently installed an outdoor ‘classroom’).

So, we hope, if you are in a position to donate and you wish to, you could visit our Crowdfunder and
donate a few pennies to our Festive Fundraiser:

To find out more about the Food Forest Project click here

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