GW Offset Scheme

Offsetting Carbon…
What is it and what can I do?

What is “Offsetting Carbon? All of us just in our modern daily lives add about 5 tons of carbon to the atmosphere (as CO2) each year. We can reduce this by lifestyle choices - less frequent car use, fewer flights, reducing fossil fuel based energy, and by contributing to offsetting schemes which promote absorption of carbon.
Green Wedmore, your local environmental group has set up just such a scheme to help those who use air transport and would like to offset the impact. Did you know that a plane flight of 10 hours produces about 5 tons of CO2 per passenger. About the same as everything else that you do in a year.
Green Wedmore’s offsetting scheme will provide a means of helping those who would like to offset their air travel by making a contribution. Such contributions will be channeled into local projects which help reduce overall carbon use. Green Wedmore has a fine record of inclusive and achievable village projects – for instance help with the panels on the Tennis and Bowls Clubs’ roofs, help with the Village Hall panels and Tesla battery and upcoming projects to create more charge points in the village and energy generations schemes to move us closer to a Zero Carbon Wedmore.
Based on the scale below please consider making a contribution to Green Wedmore and be part of the solution as well as the cause.

1 hour flight £5.00
2 hour flight £9.00
3 hour flight £13.00
4 hour flight £17.00
5 hour flight £21.00
6 hour flight £25.00
7 hour flight £29.00
8 hour flight £33.00
9 hour flight £37.00
10 hour flight £41.00

Our BACS details are:
Account Number: 20093691
Sort Code: 16 58 10

Please add the reference OFFSET when you make your payment.  If you wish, please let us know you have sent us a payment so we are able to thank you.
Many thanks for playing your part.